My Top Gpt Sites

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My Top Gpt Sites

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 27, 2015 8:06 pm

I'm signed up for many money making sites and I have put my absolute favorite ones on the list below. All of these are super easy to learn how to use, it's completely free to sign up and participate! Click the name of the site you'd like to join.

InstaGC is a fast paying GPT site that offers gift cards and cash rewards. They pay you to watch videos, visit sites, do offers, complete surveys, and tons of other things. They have several contest for top earners! I've been paid several times here, all you need is $1.00 to get gift cards or PayPal (which are instant) & $5.00 for Direct Deposit and checks. They also have more than 260 different gift cards available for restaurants, online sites and stores, you name it and they probably have it!
*Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, Starbucks, and PlaystationNetwork just to name a few of the popular ones*
Very Happy

Swagbucks also pays you for doing small tasks, visiting sites and watching videos. The payout minimum is $5.00 which you can use to get a gift card or PayPal. If you meet your daily earning goals you get bonus bucks!

Zoom pays you to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and more. They have a live feed showing good crediting offers and an offer contest that pays the top 10 spots additional ZBucks.

FusionCash This site can be a bit of a slow earner because they don't have as many offers and videos as the others, but they have great surveys that credit fast and nice bonuses. You can get bonus money for posting in their forum ($3.00 for every month you post at least 30 times), payment proof bonus ($1.00 for every payment proof you post), a daily paid to click and email you can complete! They pay via Direct Deposit or Paypal when you request payment, must have at least $25.00.

Okay everyone, feel free to share your thoughts and sign up for any of these you like!


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